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If ever a city could claim split personality, it’s Brussels. French versus Flemish, historic versus hip, bizarre versus boring. Full of contrasts, contradictions and intrigue, this is a multicultural equation that goes much deeper than just red tape and Eurocrats. An historic heirloom is closer to the mark. And in an age where so much is already discovered, Belgium’s capital seduces as one of Western Europe’s unknowns.

Brussels is a city of fine food, café culture, Art Nouveau architecture and the surreal. Pull up a chair and join laissez-faire locals who value the city’s casual atmosphere. Watch money go down on swish Ave Louise or buy dried caterpillars just blocks away in Matonge, the capital’s African quarter. Some of the world’s most enduring images of surrealist art were created in the nondescript northern suburb of Jette. And the architecture ranges from monumental edifices such as the Grand Place to organic Art Nouveau façades and the EU’s real-life Gotham City (description from Lonely Planet)

Institut Libre Marie Haps, founded in 1919, specialises in teaching the know-how and techniques that enable people to communicate more effectively via language. For this purpose, the Institute aims at training professionals in the social and paramedical fields and in the area of translation-interpreting. Its tutors’ high level of expertise is widely recognised and some carry out major assignments for international organisations (EU, NATO), private companies or paramedical centres.
Institut Libre Marie Haps is associated with UCL – Université catholique de Louvain (Catholic University of Louvain) and can count on the active cooperation of the Faculties of Arts, Social Sciences, Political Sciences, Economics, Medicine and Psychology.
Since 1996, Institut Libre Marie Haps has been part of Haute Ecole Léonard de Vinci, a higher education institution which represents six Institutes.
Together the six Institutes of Haute Ecole Léonard de Vinci welcome more than 6500 students and their training programmes offer the complete range of Higher Education in Brussels (42 BA - MA trainings).
Moreover, the Institute has committed to complementary activities in order to guarantee its scientific and educational potential:
- a terminology centre, which is unique in Belgium, focuses on research and providing programmes tailored to the needs of companies and public or private bodies,
- active participation in international students exchange programmes,
- postgraduate training in conference interpreting,
- a scientific publication entitled ‘Le Langage et l’Homme’,
- organisation of numerous conferences and seminars,
- evening classes offering a wide range of languages.

Located in the heart of Europe, a stone’s throw away from the European Institutions, Institut Libre Marie Haps has always been actively involved in various projects at local, national and international level. It has contacts with professional associations, employers and other interested parties like CBTIP (Chambre Belge des Traducteurs, Interprètes et Philologues) and CIUTI (Conférence Internationale Permanente d’Instituts Universitaires de Traducteurs et Interprètes).
Through its official representative for external affairs, i.e. the International Office, the Institute has coordinated and taken part in various Lifelong Learning Programme actions (Erasmus, intensive study weeks,…). It has been coordinator for numerous TEMPUS projects (Lodz, Timisoara, Kemerovo, Volgograd, Skopje). It has also actively participated in Leonardo projects.
More precisely, the International Office, in cooperation with the International Office of Haute Ecole Léonard de Vinci, essentially entails: coordinating the Institute’s international policy ; organising teacher’s and student’s mobilities; providing services (monitoring outgoing and incoming students, welcoming visitors, disseminating information inside and outside the Institute, etc.); representing Institut Libre Marie Haps in all events linked to international relations.
Moreover, Institut Libre Marie Haps has signed over 100 bilateral agreements with universities throughout the world (in almost all the member states of the European Union, Canada, Russia, China, Taïwan, Morocco, …) in order to develop joint pedagogical and academical activities in accordance with the spirit of the different European actions.
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It is also possible to take an internship during your master´s here. Please contact Kirsten Wølch Rasmussen ( for more information.
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